Each link below will take you to another chapter in the ongoing saga of Sweetie and Mr. Meany. Categories with a * stand alone fairly well, and could be good entry points if you're just getting started.

Beginnings: The early days of our heroes. Watch as they take their first, fumbling steps.*

Meany's New Body/Little Miss Meany: Mr. Meany wants a new body... And can you blame him?

: A cartoon kitten version of Ursula explains it all to you.*

: Meany and Sweetie leave their own cartoon reality, head for Xtranormal's Lego-like Playgoz cartoon world, and become little plastic people. They have adventures, some really crappy things happen to them and they meet Lulzo, a killer clown/sentient computer virus.

: Sweetie and Meany have escaped the Playgoz world, and they're home at last! But Meany's troubles are far from over...

: Meany experiments with Xtranormal's programming. Things do not go well.*

: Mr. Meany has an ongoing dispute with Badd Doggy P, a hopeless, wannabe rapper from the Playgoz world.

: A sinister creature claiming to be Posh Spice has invaded Xtranormal, and she's using her magic panties to transform everybody into Posh Spice zombies! Girl power! Zigga-zigga!*

: Sweetie wants bigger boobs, so she has Mr. Meany use his iffy computer hacker skills to give her program an upgrade. Things do not go well.*

: Are you lonesome, sad and ugly? Ask Meany and Sweetie for advice, and maybe they'll answer! Maybe. Eventually.*

: In 2009, we went on hiatus.

: In 2010, we came back!

: Mr. Boxxo is a weird cardboard box man, and he's here to talk to you about something very, very important. Listen well, or suffer the consequences.*

: Do the little cartoon people who live inside of Ursula's head have little cartoon people who live inside of their heads?*

: The furry flu has broken out in Xtranormal! It's sort of like the swine flu or the bird flu, except you actually turn into a swine or a bird. Mr. Meany turns into a mermaid, and Sweetie... Well, Sweetie has a pretty rough time of it.*

A conversation with a sexy banner ad lady leads to Mr. Meany experimenting with a topical "male enhancement" product. Things go about as well as you'd expect.

A Very Unmerry Unbirthday to You: Mr. Meany encounters Butternut Squash, protector of public decency, in what may very well be our weirdest episode ever. You better stay on Butternut's good side, or she'll repress you... and regress you!

Knocked Up by a Robot:  Sweetie learns the hard way that a girl should never shag an untrustworthy robot. Yes, this cartoon is really about a girl getting impregnated by a robot. It's come to this.

Inside Fiona Pretzels: In what may just be our most peculiar run of episodes yet, Mr. Meany takes us on a fantastic voyage deep inside the skinny little hippie chick body of feminist grad student Fiona Pretzels, but he ends up getting stuck inside her and the two of them just have to make the best of it.