Q: What is Inside Ursula Hitler's Head?

A: Jeez, we just answered that, right over there on the right side of the screen! What are you, so lazy you can't turn your head like three inches?

OK, OK... Inside Ursula Hitler's Head is a cartoon web series about Sweetie and Mr. Meany, the glamorous girly-girl and the sickly, mean old man who live inside the mind of Ursula Hitler, a transgendered cartoonist. They have all sorts of wacky cartoon adventures in there, often involving magical transformations and creepy, kinky, fetishy stuff that really shouldn't turn you on but maybe kinda does. We got comedy, we got thrills, we got heartbreak... And poor Meany gets changed into a pretty girl with almost numbing regularity. Click here to meet the cast.

Q: Hang on... This cartoon is supposed to be set inside Ursula Hitler's head, right?

A: Well, that is the title of the thing, yes.

Q: Then why does it also seem to be set in Xtranormal's cartoon world? Is this story happening inside Ursula's head, or is it happening in Xtranormal?

A: Yes.

Q: How do you edit your videos, and how did you do that one special effect? You know, the one that was all, like, sparkly and stuff.

A: I used to use a free program called Videospin for editing and most of my special effects. This video will tell you more (much more) than you'd ever want to know about how I made many of these cartoons. More recently I've been using Pinnacle Studio, a cheapish program that's a lot like Videospin but with more oomph.

Q: Why do Meany and Sweetie talk like robots?

A: I use speech synthesizers for all the voices. I like the robot voices. They sound funny... although I'll admit they're not great for dramatic moments.

Q: Why don't Meany and Sweetie ever change their clothes?

A: I'm stuck with the character models Xtranormal provides. I often wish I could tinker with their design and change a few things, including their wardrobes. (It's a crime for a girl as stylish as Sweetie to be stuck wearing the same dress every day!)

Q: Is Sweetie straight, gay, bi, or what?

A: Sweetie is horny for anybody who looks good in eyeliner, but she primarily identifies as a Sweetiesexual. She dreams of one day settling down with an exact clone of herself, except the clone will have to have a dong so they can raise a bunch of little Sweeties.

Q: Why do you call yourself Ursula Hitler?

A: Watch this cartoon and then never ask that question again.

Q: Who the hell are you, anyway?

A: Here's a video I made answering that question, way back in 2009: