Saturday, July 13, 2013


Mr. Boxxo returns one last time to warn us of the dangers of Spontaneous Girlification Syndrome, the tragic disease that can instantly transform even the manliest manly man into a lisping little girl with pigtails and freckles.

While this is indeed the last time we will see Mr. Boxxo and Butch Butchley, the saga of Sweetie and Mr. Meany isn't quite over yet. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of Ursula Hitler's Head in the coming weeks! And hey, while you're waiting, why not click around in the archives and sample a couple of the dozens of weird, fetish-y comedy cartoons to be found there? Go on, get crazy. I promise I won't tell anybody. You can trust me, chief.

And don't forget to pound that Youtube "like" button. Come on, pound it harder. HARDER! Oh, yeah...


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