Monday, July 15, 2013

Emergent Animation

Xtranormal itself may be shutting down, but the Emergent Animation Yahoo group is still going strong. The group is a meeting place for users of State Plus, a set of extensions that transform Xtranormal State into a much more versatile program. We're talking new sets, new actors, new motions, all kinds of impressive stuff. You can see some examples of the kind of work State Plus is capable of doing on the Emergent Animation Youtube page.

If your computer has the power to run State Plus (mine doesn't,) you'll still be able to make Xtranormal movies long after Xtranormal itself has shut down.

I did consider trying to continue the series, using State Plus. But in addition to my aforementioned hardware problems, I just feel like the story of Sweetie and Mr. Meany has to end with Xtranormal. They're so much a part of that world, it would feel weird to go on after Xtranormal is gone.

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Ralph Preston Stevens said...

Just so you understand. State Plus is a "Hack". It may very well provide new sets, new actors, new motions, all kinds of impressive stuff, but it does not do so legally. State Plus's author defends this by saying that Xtranormal is abandon ware. It certainly is now, but not back when State Plus first came out, and they do not own any of the intellectual rights to Xtranormal, so they are hacking the program, plain and simple. If you are OK with that type of thing, then cool, but own up to what you are using, a HACK!