Sunday, February 17, 2013

DOLLED UP, part 3, the Final Chapter: Ursula Hitler's Head ep. 133

Egads! Feminist academic Fiona Pretzels has turned all of the men in this series into cute little blonde plastic fashion dollies! In the final chapter of the epic Dolled Up storyline, Mr. Meany and the other dolls make a daring escape from Fiona, hopping away through the woods as fast they can in their tiny plastic high heel dolly shoes. If you enjoy this episode, please head on over to Youtube and whip that like button. Whip it good!


Aaron said...

Not bad, although I thought that Mr. Meany had a little more work ahead of him in getting the best of Lulzo. And I have to admit to getting a chuckle out of Fiona's inability to appreciate being hoist by her own petard.

Mindi Flyth said...

My longer storylines just don't get the views, so these days I'm trying to get my storylines over with in a hurry, ideally one episode. So while I was tempted to get more in-depth with this one and drag out the Lulzo stuff, I kind of had to wrap it up in a hurry.