Friday, December 3, 2010

Problems with comments

For some reason, this old post has been getting a whole lot of traffic lately. I suspect it was linked to by a spam site or something. Anyway, now that you're here, why not click around the site a bit for some sexy, weird, fetishy cartoon silliness?

The original post is below, for anybody who still actually wants to read it.  

Blogger is still being a big bitch about posting comments... Every time I try to respond to anybody's comments, here or on other Blogger blogs, it asks me to "select profile" without offering my Blogger profile! And then, when I DO select some another profile (my old LiveJournal profile, for example) it lets me "post"... But THEN my comment never shows up!

From what I've heard, my problems are not unique. It's frustrating, because I'd love to get more feedback on this site but Blogger keeps screwing up. Well, while I'm trying to sort out this mess, don't forget that you can always email me at the address up there at the top of the page.