Monday, November 8, 2010


The people at Xtranormal are awesome. Seriously, I'd rave about them if all they did was offer up this amazing animation software at absurdly low prices. But they've always been really cool about my cartoons, posting encouraging comments on my Youtube channel and even featuring this episode on the Xtranormal main page for a while.

I mean, think about it: I'm a drag queen, named Ursula Hitler, and I make these cartoons with all sorts of weird, fetishy stuff and lots of swears. A lot of lesser companies would want nothing to do with a creature like me, they'd just delete all of my cartoons and ban my ass. But the Xtranormal folks have been nothing but supportive.

A comment they posted on my Youtube channel earlier today, in response to this cartoon:

Oh, boy. I remember when Furry Flu swept through the Xtranormal office last year.

Best lattes ever.

That? Is just plain nasty. I think I love these people.