Friday, November 5, 2010


There's a new link, at the top of the screen, there: Meet the Cast! It's your handy guide to the rather twisted cast of characters who live Inside Ursula Hitler's Head.

This site is not quite a week old, and while I'm pleased to see that people are discovering it, I've yet to receive a single posted comment! That makes me a sad little cartoon kitten. I ain't getting paid for this crap, so your feedback is all that keeps the doors open around here. Is there something you want to see on Inside Ursula Hitler's Head? Is there something you've seen quite enough of already? Do you think this cartoon is funny, but you wish it was sexier? Do you think this cartoon is sexy, but you wish it was funnier? Do you think this cartoon is neither funny or sexy, and you don't even know why the hell you watch it? Speak up! Go ahead, I won't bite...

Well, unless you ask me about why I call myself Ursula Hitler. In that case, I will bite your elbows off.

(Edited to add: Sorry, I hadn't realized that's default settings only let you post comments if you're registered for a blogger account! I've fixed it now, so anybody can comment.)


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