Friday, June 28, 2013

Xtranormal really is shutting down

It's official, Xtranormal is shutting down as of July 31st:

They talk about an "act 2," as if Xtranormal will return again in some form, some day. Here's hoping... but frankly, I doubt it.

So, at least we have a little more time than I thought. Xtranormal is so buggy right now that I don't know if it's even worth attempting some of the big stuff I always planned to do leading up to my final episode. These days it's complicated just to do the simple stuff, and if I email Xtranormal for tech support I doubt they'll even get back to me. (And can you blame them? Anybody who is still working there now is probably busy updating their resume.)

So, no shit, this series is ending soon.



Seven said...

Bummer. What's your next act going to be?

Ursula Hitler said...

I have no idea. I suspect my output will slow down quite a bit. As cumbersome as making Xtranormal cartoons became, it was still so, so much better and faster than most of the other animation programs out there. I won't have the option to just have an idea and then bang out a cartoon a few hours later... So, maybe that'll mean fewer, better cartoons, or maybe that will just mean fewer cartoons.

Emergent Animation said...

If any of you would like to continue animating with Xtranormal characters, join my mailing list.