Friday, July 15, 2011

INSIDE URSULA HITLER'S HEAD 90: "Bimbofication Outbreak - Film at 11!"

The "Search for Sweetie" saga, episode 7. Tonight on Xtranormal News, veteran journalist Hershey Skwurtz presents a report on the mass bimbofication outbreak that has been transforming the citizens of Xtranormal into ditzy blond party girls.

Nerd TMI Alert: This episode was an experiment that didn't quite work. I tried to put together a TV newscast using a program to capture Xtranormal's preview renders, figuring that I could then put a "scanline" filter over it so it would look like a TV screen and it would hide a lot of the jagged edges and stuff. Unfortunately the video captures ended up being a lot more stuttery than I'd planned on, and I never did find a decent scanline filter... But I'd put too much work into the thing to junk it, so we ended up with this stuttery, jaggedy-looking episode. Ah, well.


Aaron said...

Its too bad the effect didn't work out, it was an excellent idea.

Mindi Flyth said...

I think I've figured out a way to do a scanline filter, but I don't know why the capture was so stuttery. Maybe I'll try it again sometime... The look would probably work OK for a call on the "video phone."

Glenn Saunders said...

Vegas has a nice scanline filter. You can get a crack if you join xtranormal-tech.

Mindi Flyth said...

I've been tempted by Sony Vegas, but I'm pretty used to Videospin at this point. And as for xtranormal-tech, as desperately as I wanna experiment with State, my computer just can't handle the program at all.

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