Sunday, July 10, 2011


The "Search for Sweetie" saga, episode 6. Mr. Meany's still trying to raise Sweetie from the dead. Will this be the time he finally succeeds?

I had a lot of technical problems with this one, mostly sound issues. Xtranormal and Videospin (my editing program) have never gotten along well, but this week they weren't even on speaking terms.


Seven said...

I know people who hurt for someone in the way that Mr. Meany is. I'd forgotten how quickly they burn through your sympathy for them, as their selfishness seeks out and destroys their friendships and whatever chances they may have had for other relationships.

But you can't help them unless they learn to be okay with themselves. And if you don't walk away, their self-loathing will infect you, too.

I'm almost dreading to see where this goes, since I don't see how it ends well. But I have to admit, this one is dramatic.

Glenn Saunders said...

You're really reaching a high level of skill with animating to be able to pull off these dramatic moments. I really wish you got started with State. I think you're ready.

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