Saturday, June 18, 2011

INSIDE URSULA HITLER'S HEAD #86: "Bimbofication: Sexy? Or Sexist?"

I probably struggled with this episode more than any other I've ever written. If I work on a script too much the words can kind of stop making sense to me... Even if I know exactly what I'm trying to say, it starts coming out like the characters have been badly translated from some other language. This was one of those, and a couple of days ago I got frustrated enough that I almost junked the damn thing. But I kept at it, and now I'm glad I did.

We basically have this cranky feminist lady to thank for this episode. She doesn't seem like an idiot or a terrible person, but I saw her video about fembots and it just made me so depressed and angry. I do agree with feminists about many things - women are at least the equals of men - but I've had too many arguments with feminists where it basically came down to them insisting that people weren't allowed to get turned on by something. Women who got horny for being spanked were bad. Straight guys who got horny for lesbians were bad. If I got horny for painting myself up all pretty and mincing around town in a little minidress, I was perpetuating destructive patriarchal gender constructs or some shit and I was bad, bad, bad.

Well, I don't care if you're a far-lefty feminist or one of those God Hates Fags swine - as soon as you're telling me my erection is evil, you need to shut your fool mouth before I tie you to a chair and force you to watch Sweet Transvestite over and over until you accept 1975 Tim Curry as your personal lord and savior

I know, this episode is pretty damn preachy... But it's a subject I feel passionate about, it's not something that I think gets said enough, and I feel like I at least managed to be preachy in an entertaining way. Besides, I don't have a problem with preachy, when it's done well. (The original Star Trek and The Twilight Zone were both preachy as hell, and I could happily watch either show in a loop until I die.) If nothing else, I know that ending is probably gonna get me a lot of views. I honestly didn't sit down and think, "How can I get thousands of hits in a hurry?" I was just following my own twisted bliss.


AlterEgoTrip said...

Fantasy comes from somewhere, partially biological, partially neurological and anything neurological is down to what you nurture, stimulate or drug.

I would consider myself quite open about what is correct and wrong.. there are grey areas but in no way are robot fantasies really kind of "healthy". This has been something of a very much strong vain in the advertising world directed at men who long for the ability to dominate over the world. This is in homosexuality as well.

I think one of the problematic situations is that women are being sold an idea that in order for us to be just as "superior" we too must "dominate". That we all need the reckless freedom that male humans of privileged classes have enjoyed- and this ideal has been sold not only to men but the women as well.

When we all know when it all comes down to it, sexuality is not the end of the trip, but just the beautiful wrapping paper which sometimes makes us ignore its true inner gift.

"Feminists" are playing into the entire dynamic by making initiatives in the world which destroy the possibility of women being allowed to give the nurturing that both men and women romanticize about which leads to more complex and insane expressions of robotic women who only serve, but do not cry, do not bleed and do not give birth.

This is actually a darker path since unsatisfied men can now purchase at least a realistic robotic woman these days. Since she does not complain, and does not protest, and does not complicate your life with emotion.. its the marketing of technology as never before imagined.

The idea of the "bimbo" being a male projection of a feminine ideal is not really anything more than the result of some of that culture- its not about what the men want or what the women want but what society's messages do to everyone.. bimbofication is in men too.. I've discovered. It happens when what anything one says has to be self censured, something I know very well, you got it in the press and Main Stream Media all the time. I saw a guy covering Fukushima on CNN doing it... a real opps bimbo moment... but one may also call it a "blonde moment" ;)


UNICEF is in fact a very sinister organization, promoting forced abortion in China using American and other countries tax payer money. Just one of its crimes- I don't think forced abortion helps women to be more liberated and less victimized. Nor does the forced sterilization of men and women who go beyond their 1 child quota.

AlterEgoTrip said...

Fantasy can also be the pathway to a genuine spiritual road to encounter something one would never encounter before in a "normal" way, so remember this also.

The expansion of the human experience is also a part of this personal path of fantasy and that we need this capacity and freedom within the mind, but also that it should be free of any outside influence that is for the purpose of marketing something that would not normally be interesting in any given context.

I want to make it clear, some "feminists" would attack a woman who WANTS to have children saying that we were not fulfilling our "true" potential, when inside we don't all need to be "men".. nor are we even remotely jealous of the world of men... and why the market dictates to them some ideas of something better than women is only the end result.

You do see that this is only an outcropping of insecurity within both men and women about looks, age, shape, perfection, emotion and the distance society dictates we must have from our own emotions to be a "successful" member.

Think about this in the way of how you have a relationship to your own body--sometimes you hate yourself or sometimes you are "yum".. but you can never get away from that emotional chatter.. and yet project all that onto another person in your life outwardly and openly, or take that and multiply it by half of the population and them projecting it on the other half.

All conflicts start within and are resolved within.

P.S. Sorry so long winded, going on a long trip to the north ;)

Mindi Flyth said...

I will readily admit that bimbofication or fembot fantasies (they aren't the same thing) usually aren't "healthy"... But turn-ons don't have to be healthy. You're allowed to get off on any sick damn thing you like, as long as it's not twisting you up so much you become a bad person.

It's usually not too hard to figure out where a kinky fantasy comes from. Personally, when I'm thinking about bimbofication, I'm almost always imagining it happening to me. It's partly the idea of becoming a woman who is sexy in a very obvious, shameless way, but it's also the appeal of having the endless neurotic chatter of my brain shut off and giving in to a life as a much simpler, happier creature. (Other people get excited about the fantasy for their own complicated reasons.) I do have some hostility toward women mostly related to envy, and THAT is stuff I need to work on. But I don't feel like there's anything hostile in my bimbofication fantasies, and I don't feel even slightly guilty about them.

I think the only time you need to try and stop having fantasies is when they are truly dangerous in some way. If you're fantasizing about kids or your family or something, or you're fantasizing about bimbofication in a way that's badly affecting your relationships with real women, you really need to get that under control. Otherwise, weird kinks should be fun... If you're using them to work out your daddy issues or whatever, recognize that that's what you're doing and just have fun with it.

Part of my issue with that woman's fembot video is that I don't think most of those commercials were meant to be sexy, exactly. Like the robot girl with the beer keg for a belly - I think she was supposed to be funny and creepy and kind of glamorous, but not super-hot. That feminist woman, like a lot of feminists I've argued with, was acting like her interpretation of those images was the only one possible. But it's not that simple.

I know a woman online who is MUCH more excited by the idea of being a fembot than most guys would be about having a fembot around to serve them beers. Some feminists would tell that woman her fantasies are wrong, but she's an intelligent, seemingly happy woman and I don't think anybody has a right to judge her.

It's late and I'm tired, so I'm not at my most eloquent. But your opinion does matter to me and I hope I don't sound dismissive or anything. These are complicated issues, and reasonable minds can disagree. (In case you were worried, I doubt I'll keep Fiona a bimbo forever!)

AlterEgoTrip said...

Perhaps Fiona should also examine her motives.. of why the "bimbo" is so offensive.. why the non-thinking non-self examining person should be put into the position of being "inferior" in some way just because society demands even from the "compassionate" "feminists" that we do not question our "superiors" those who they emulate are of course the "superiors".

As I said before, and probably not in the best or most interesting way, is that we, all humans desire to be nurtured as a mother would do. Only very few actually have this experience.. we instead most have met up with the post-industrial world of production line parenting. Our schools look and feel like chicken yards and the sense of nurturing becomes a strong desire that everyone needs, its a core survival instinct not unlike sex and the desire for food. And we can see what happens when any base desire is denied at some point either collectively or individually.

You know at least when you write this stuff, I see the fact you are willing to examine where you are coming from: This is very very good and never let anyone tell you its not.

Even if you don't believe it, I think you are closer to some kind of spiritual break though in your life, and there is a point where some "arguments" are simply not worth your time.

At least in all honesty, you are ready to liberate yourself, its just that you are going to run up against allot of people in this world who believe that one should never ever look beyond these issues and that they are so invested in the issues that they help cause the problem and perpetuate the society that creates the "illusion".

I don't know if I'm being clear on this, and I really hope you don't think I'm on someone's side because I agree that there is something way out there about the robot fantasy-- but its on a completely other level and your girl there has only touched on the surface not the goal or the spirit of the ideas that advertising has sold many.. this need to have human machines and machines that are human... (we see human "machines" as in the expendables including but not limited to the workers who are exposed to deadly radiation as well as the ideas of "surplus populations" ad even "breeders" and "useless eaters" and "sheeple" (dehumanizing and derogatory language use))

Where some would find it repugnant to "buy a wife"- I found it quite amusing to watch people's reactions in the 70s to the "Stepford Wives".. and the real "robotics" of that day and age, only possible was created by prescription pill addiction.

Not much has changed either. Distant mothers (and fathers!) "nurturing" or neutering their sons and daughters of their own need for nurture or blanketing them in a cocoon of over-dependance.. but without the sense of real true love.

I really liked as much about this lecture- how KRISHNAMURTI states that to be a philosopher is to learn how to die every day, but that love is a death of sorts as well.. it got me thinking strongly about the human condition and its relationship to these scattered illusions we cling to.

I think this is the only think inside of things I have really come to understand well and have it stated, "To love is to die". I thought about it much last night only because of how much people stimulate the side of our human natures to completely detach and disengage ourselves from others and find pitiful distraction and joy in the meaningless and to derive such meaning from it.

We naturally guard ourselves against pain and loss because its in our nature to do so, and it expresses itself in anger and non-commitment.. because those are the acceptable emotions.

Mindi Flyth said...

I forgot to address what you said about Unicef in your earlier post. I originally wanted to link to a clip with info about the National Organization for Women, but they don't have their own Youtube page. I don't know all that much about Unicef, and didn't know about any controversy. But at least the actual video I linked to has some good info.

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