Thursday, June 9, 2011


Abby Travis has approached me about collaborating. Abby is a fabulously glamorous rock star who sings like a drunken angel and looks like a million goddamn bucks in a showgirl costume. For about a decade she's been one of my major heroes/crush objects (when you're a tranny, these things get complicated) and just getting an email from her at all got me all goofy. That she's actually interested in possibly collaborating with me is just a little too awesome, it's like one of those super cool things that happens in a dream and then you wake up and realize that you're late for work and today you gotta degrease the fryer or some shit.

It could all come to nothing. I mean, maybe she'll change her mind, or maybe we won't come up with any good ideas, or she could get creeped out by my excessive fangirl fawning, or whatever. But I feel like I just got a birthday card from Elvis or something, and if this is far as it goes, I'm cool with it.

I never, ever squee. I'm just not the type. But: Squee!


AlterEgoTrip said...

Fantastic :)

This is great news, and its really really great when that which you admire, admires you right back!

Mindi Flyth said...

Yeah... I do kinda have a feeling it'll fall apart, though. Call me a cynic... But stuff this cool never works out, you know?

AlterEgoTrip said...

You got to remember something though, You are worth being admired, and let it be as that no matter how suddenly disappointed you get in the future, just nurture the friendship.

Seven said...

There will be plenty of time to mope about what could have been later. For now, bask in the coolness and live it up. The good times are better when you actually spend some time enjoying them!

Mindi Flyth said...

Seven... What is this "enjoying the good times" of which you speak? The concept is alien to me.