Sunday, April 17, 2011


Blame this one on Seven, a lovely person (I don't actually know if he is a he or if she is a she) who posts comments often here at

I was rolling along with this latest storyline, and I thought I had the rest of it all planned out. I'd spent some time with the Sweetie-fied Meany (SM), but I didn't expect to give the Meany-fied Sweetie (MS) a lot of attention. After all, SM's story is funny, and kind of hot... Suddenly he's in the body of this blond party doll and he feels an irresistible craving for jock flesh and all that. MS's story, by contrast, just seemed.... sad. I did try to think up some fun stuff for MS, but it seemed hopeless. Yeah, so, suddenly the sexy blond chickadee is stuck in a broken down, old, ouchy, incredibly unsexy dude body, and she hates it. Well, there are days when I feel like I'm basically living that story, and it ain't exactly a laugh riot.

So I figured I'd just consign poor MS to wandering around in the background whining about how she wants her boobs back, while we mostly followed SM's wacky girly-girl adventures for a while. But then Seven turned up in the comments and prodded me to do a little more with MS, suggesting that there could be something interesting there.

So I thought about it a little more, and then I suddenly had an idea and this episode kind of wrote itself in like five minutes. Really, it just sort of happened. Normally I like to work a week or two ahead, so I have a little time to decide if an episode works or not. I'm posting this episode while it's still pretty green, and I'm not sure what I think of it yet. But then I'm not sure what I think of this whole storyline. Or these crazy cartoons in general. I'm not sure what I think of much.

Anyhow. If you love this episode, hooray. If you hate it, blame Seven. It's all his(/her) fault.


Seven said...

Paranoid x-rated hiccups.

That's brilliant.

I will so take the credit/blame for this one.

Well done.

Mindi Flyth said...

Glad you liked it. I honestly doubt I would've gone down this road without your comment. I'd considered doing something more with Sweetie, but I'd more or less given up on the idea.

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