Friday, April 8, 2011


Mr. Meany swapped bodies with Sweetie, but poor Meany didn't just turn into a girl... He's kind of a nympho skank. A slave to his new, powerful cravings for man flesh, Meany finds himself perilously close to having an actual boyfriend.


Seven said...

The new 3D look is an improvement on XtraNormal's part, and the new set is also nice. Good call on moving the action, Ursula.

I trust that we'll see how Sweetie is doing being a party girl in an old man's body soon?

Mindi Flyth said...

I'm not sure, but I think so far the 3D look is only used in that one set, where the light is supposed to be dim and at an angle. I'm not sure what I think of it it yet. I kinda liked the more 2D, cartoonish look, with the outlines.

Originally more of this story was going to be about Sweetie, but her story isn't as fun... She just keeps crabbing about having a bad back and her sexual frustration. I can relate, but it's not too exciting to watch.

SeasideAntitheist said...

Wow, I'm so not used to Blogger yet. I want to run right back to you know where and just how many years do you stay in the same place? I'm loving the cartoons though. I'm so glad you make them again.

Seven said...

Hmm... If Sweetie's story isn't as fun, maybe it's because you're not tuning in during the good parts?

Meany's issue right now is that he has everything that Sweetie once had - except her self-control. What we're seeing is what Sweetie would be like if you surgically removed her Superego. So what would Meany be like if he had no self-restraint? From everything we know about him so far, carping about how his back hurts and that he doesn't get laid enough doesn't seem like it. So it's no wonder it isn't exciting.

If Meany's mind had completely subjugated Sweetie's body, he'd be pretty boring, too. He'd be the same cranky old man, just with a palette swap. But he hasn't, despite his efforts, and that's what makes it funny. I suspect that Sweetie's take on those same struggles would be similarly entertaining. Check in with Mandy. I'm sure that she'll have some insight into what Meany would be like, if he unleashed his inner self.

Mindi Flyth said...

Seven, I'm gonna take this on board and really try to think up some fun stuff for Sweetie-as-Meany, but... At heart, Meany's a very hermetic, crabby fellow and he mostly gets dragged into these adventures. His favorite hobby is making long lists of everything he hates! Their personalities are all jumbled up right now and it's turning Meany into a skanky, messed up version of Sweetie, but I try to imagine a Meany made more extreme and all I can think of is him sitting in some room with sticky floors and old newspapers piled up to the ceiling.

I have some weird twists ahead for these two, but so far I do mostly focus on Meany-as-Sweetie spinning out of control.

Thanks, Lisa... And yeah, for blogging, I do definitely prefer Livejournal's format... But it felt like time to move on.

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