Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pictures of Ursula Hitler, pt. 1

When Geocities went under a couple of years ago it took my ancient personal site with it. That old site is still archived online, and while it's dated and kind of embarrassing there's still plenty that I like about it. Reading my old diaries is mortifying, but it simultaneously makes me pine for the crazy life I used to lead. (Jesus, that was a long, long time ago. I've lived quite a storied life for a girl barely over 30.)

Recently I Googled my name and I was appalled to see that the few photos that came up were really unflattering - mostly random shots people took at clubs like 15 years ago, on nights when I was drunk and slouchy, and my wig looked assy. Since my old site went away, those ugly shots of me were all that was left online. Well, being a vain old bitch, I couldn't stand that...

So this month I'm going to be posting my old pictures here, in hopes that they will rise to the top in the Google search results, replacing the ones there now. So, here's today's picture of me from 1999-2003-ish:

Yes, I got a little too Warhol-y with the filters on this one, but I really did used to look like this on a good night. Being 20-something was nice.


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