Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Turned Into Panties! - Ursula Hitler's Head, ep. 110

While visiting the Island of People Turned Into Inanimate Objects, Mr. Meany has been turned into a little pink pair of panties. His situation looks hopeless, until he meets a lovely young lady named Tillie Willingham.


Seven said...

Let's try this again... Blogger seems to have eaten my earlier comment.

How are things going, Ursula? Are you feeling any better about the strip recently? I'd just read your post from a couple of weeks back, and wanted to check in with you.

Mindi Flyth said...

I go back and forth. On the hand, I'm happy enough with the cartoons I'm making. On the other hand, my cartoons seem to be attracting an audience of about 250 people, which is pretty pathetic given all the wacky sex stuff. (It's really galling to see some high school kid make a crude Microsoft Paint fetish cartoon and get like 6 million views. I mean, even at my most self-loathing, I know I'm making something better than THAT!)

When hundreds of thousands of people have seen your cartoons and you have 358 subcribers, you're obviously not giving people what they want. Even if I do enjoy making these things, I also need an audience and at this point in my life I can't afford to waste my time.

I don't know if I'm doing 5 more episodes or 50, but unless I have some sort of a breakthrough and I start building an audience, we're definitely closer to the end than the beginning.

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