Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Mr. Boxxo returns to tell you all about the common but rarely-discussed condition, Spontaneous Girlification.


Seven said...

"If a man cannot fix his own power tool, he must lie and declare it beyond repair, because if he admits defeat and lets his wife fix it, he's officially banished from the Regular Guy club forever. That's the way it feels, anyway -- and that's why, every year, perfectly competent certified public accountants get their fingers cut off in circular saw accidents." Keith Blanchard ("The Top 10 Lies Happy Husbands Tell" MSN Lifestyle)

In this case, Ursula, I think that your initial instinct, that people would get the joke, was a good one. When I reading the post, and realized that you were going to explain what went down, I immediately stopped reading and just watched the video.

The commentary about masculinity and the perniciousness of the way we view it was spot-on. Sure, there are going to be people who don't get it, but I don't know if the explanation would have helped.

Mr. Boxxo's lack of true gender is a very interesting piece of the overall commentary, and I'd like to see what he does with some of the other characters from the main cast. I suspect that he'd have some really choice words for Lulzo.

Anyway, well done.

Mindi Flyth said...

Blogger doesn't send me alerts or anything when folks comment, so I didn't see this until just now.

Yeah, I probably didn't need to explain the joke to death like that... I have this problem sometimes where I'm working on something and go over it too often, until it sorts of stops making sense to me. This was one of those. But judging by some really, really dumb Youtube comments I've seen about other cartoons, I can never explain too much!

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