Friday, October 29, 2010

Inside Ursula Hitler's Head 1: The Party Girl and the Mean Old Man

From all the way back in January of 2009, the very first episode. Wow. Things were pretty rough back then, huh? Not only did Meany and Sweetie have different voices, they didn't even have names yet! Their relationship is also quite different, in these early cartoons they seem to genuinely dislike each other.

Early on I made these cartoons very quickly, intending them to be a kind of animated blog where I would just blab about my life and whatever pop culture silliness was on my mind, using these characters as my sock puppets. But Meany and Sweetie soon evolved into something more than that, they became characters I actually cared about and their stories became much stranger and more complicated.

Looking back, there's a lot of stuff about this series that I'd change, especially in these early cartoons. I like to think that the cartoons I make today are much better. (But talk to me in a couple of years, and I'll probably cringe about the cartoons I'm making now, and tell you the stuff I'm making then is so much better!)

Honestly? If you wanna skip ahead to episode six or so, you won't be missing much.


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