Sunday, October 31, 2010


The video I made announcing the return of Inside Ursula Hitler's Head. I know a local DJ, KXLU's legendary Reverend Dan, and years ago it was my birthday or something and he was kind enough to make me a banner ad. It said TOMORROW BELONGS TO ME in big beautiful letters, and there was a swastika made of lipsticks. I was genuinely awed by the thing, it was pretty amazing, but unfortunately I didn't feel like I could use it because of the swastika. (I'm really not a Nazi, and I already have to explain that to people enough. Using a swastika, however jokey or glamorous its execution, would've really sent out the wrong message.) But ever since then I've kinda thought of Tomorrow Belongs to Me as my unofficial theme song, and it was neat to finally find a use for it here.

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