Sunday, October 31, 2010

Inside Ursula Hitler's Head 47: Invasion of the Posh Spice Zombies, THE THRILLING CONCLUSION!

This episode is a mixed bag. It runs long, especially early on during Sweetie's monologue. But things get hopping once we learn the identity of the "anti-Posh," and the final conversation between Sweetie and Meany really clicks for me.

Somebody pointed out that Lux Interior is sort of a weird person to pick for the "anti-Posh". After all, he wore high heels and flashy clothes and he was kind of a glamorous creature himself! The real "anti-Posh" would probably be somebody who was more glum and anti-glam, maybe Leonard Cohen or J.D. Salinger or somebody like that. But Lux had died very suddenly just before this episode, and he was a hero of mine growing up so I wanted to give him a little tribute. Besides, Lux was the exact opposite of Posh in some ways. Posh is a trendy, boring dummy with no discernible talent, she's world famous for no reason at all. Lux was a trailblazer and a proud weirdo who deserved a lot more fame and fortune than he got.

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