Saturday, October 30, 2010

Inside Ursula Hitler's Head 40: Invasion of the Posh Spice Zombies, pt. 2

Wow, after those really blurry, pixelated, shitty-looking episodes I'd edited, you can really see the difference in a video I uploaded directly from Xtranormal! It's like seeing it in IMAX or something.

In hindsight, this really wasn't the best character model for a Posh Spice parody. I really needed somebody with darker, more severe-looking hair, and a pricier-looking wardrobe. I really wish that Xtranormal allowed you to customize your characters, but at this point I doubt that will ever happen. As much as I've found inspiration in the limitations of Xtranormal, I could really go nuts if I had a little more freedom to experiment with stuff.

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