Friday, October 29, 2010

Inside Ursula Hitler's Head 4: Ursula's Diseases

Sort of a funny one, but it comes from the days when I still thought of this series as a kind of animated blog, and it's a bit awkward. At this point the nameless "party girl" and the "mean old man" are these two weird little people who stand around in a dorm room and talk a lot about this person who never arrives - me! We're still a ways off from the situation that ultimately developed, where Meany and Sweetie are characters with their own hopes and dreams, and I'm the cruel Cartoon God who constantly dicks around with their lives.

(And yeah, I really do have most of these diseases... And plenty more I didn't mention! If I tried to list them all, you'd eventually get so sick of me droning on that you'd probably kill me with a spoon.)

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