Saturday, October 30, 2010

Inside Ursula Hitler's Head 38: Invasion of the Posh Spice Zombies - Prologue: The Return of Lulzo

Lulzo returns, with spooky crackling lightning effects courtesy of Blaze Media Pro. I wanted to use the hell out of that program while I still had a trial version!

As I said before, I really try to make Lulzo genuinely scary, which is an uphill battle given that Lulzo is a little Lego clown. Lulzo's inspired a bit by Tim Curry as It, by the Joker, by Hannibal Lecter and various Buffy bad guys. People have told me that they actually felt sorry for him here, but that wasn't my intention at all. Lulzo is lonely and he feels sorry for himself, but there's no good person underneath it all, he's not secretly yearning for redemption. Lulzo is just absolutely rotten, he lives to screw up your hard drive and ruin your day however he can.

It's really hard for me to tell how popular these cartoons are. One cartoon gets 30,000 hits. Another, like this one, doesn't even get 1,000. And then these cartoons get reposted in a lot of weird places, Google "Ursula Hitler" and you'll find Meany and Sweetie all over the web, on Russian shoe shopping forums and all kinds of crazy stuff like that. If you added up every single time my cartoons have been viewed anywhere, I wouldn't be surprised if they've had an audience in the millions. But how many of those people watched the first ten seconds, got bored and left?

Sometimes I almost feel famous. Other times I feel like if I rounded up every person who's watched this entire series from beginning to end, they wouldn't fill a Greyhound bus.

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