Saturday, October 30, 2010

Inside Ursula Hitler's Head 29: Net Losses

This episode never got a lot of hits (I tend to lose a lot of viewers in the middle episodes of a long story) but I've always liked it. In this episode we learn a lot about how Meany sees the world. His feelings for Sweetie have quickly become something more than friendship, he's fallen in love with her. But he hates himself and he thinks that a happy, beautiful young girl like Sweetie could never love a wretched, ugly old man like him. As messed up, crabby and self-pitying as he is, under it all Meany is basically a sweet guy and he'll do anything for Sweetie. I worried that this storyline was kind of dragging on, but at the same time I really felt for this sad little Lego man running around on some weird plastic planet, desperately trying to save the woman he loves.