Saturday, October 30, 2010

Inside Ursula Hitler's Head 19: Itchy Feet

Very much a transitional episode, to get us into the next storyline, and nothing so sensational on its own. But I kind of like this one because you can see that Meany and Sweetie are really growing to care about and depend on each other. I've always had problems with that Aqua Teen Hunger Force school of cartoon comedy, where the main characters barely tolerate or actively dislike each other. It can be funny in short doses, but it gets old. If everybody's just an asshole, it's not a world I want to visit every week. I tend to prefer something like The Venture Brothers, where as crazy and dark as it gets, you can tell that the characters do care about each other and it's obvious the show's creators have some affection for them as well. Meany and Sweetie are both messed up in their own ways, but I like them, and I like that they like each other.

I struggle with how much to have the characters move around in these cartoons. Sometimes they seem to just stand around like statues, other times they flap their hands around so much it gets distracting. In this episode, I definite erred on the side of hand-flappy.