Saturday, October 30, 2010

Inside Ursula Hitler's Head 15: 2 Sweet

I like most of this one, but the ending has always bugged the snot out of me. I went for a joke here that just did not work at all.

See, early on I thought I was gonna make a lot of jokes to the effect that Sweetie might actually have a penis. I planned to keep it really ambiguous, but it would be this running gag. But this was the only time I ever got around to trying that joke, and it totally fell flat. When Meany keeps talking about how he's just like Sweetie now, except for you, you know, a certain something, and Sweetie is getting really fidgety about the subject, I was trying to imply that Sweetie was anxious about Meany revealing that they both had dongs. But instead it read like Sweetie was just being prudish about Meany saying his Sweetie body had a dong.

Ugh. Wretched ending, one of my worst. But otherwise, it's pretty cute.