Friday, October 29, 2010

Inside Ursula Hitler's Head 11: Mr. Meany's New Body, pt. 4

Here we go. This storyline felt like sort of a breakthrough for me. Turning Meany into a teenage schoolgirl and listening to him bitch about it was really, really fun. And this cartoon attracted a much larger audience than anything I'd done before in the series, which encouraged me to keep going with this weird, sort of fetishy transformation stuff. It was a real rush to go away for two hours and come back and see that hundreds of people had watched it. Just like that, I was hooked for life.

Pardon me for a serious TMI dump, but I was absolutely dizzy with horniness when I made this cartoon. When I was just a wee little tranny, I watched countless hours of Bugs Bunny and other cartoons with a lot of gender weirdness just beneath the surface. (Talk to almost anybody with a kink, and they'll tell you it all started with Bugs Bunny. Some of those old cartoons are twisted.) Now it was a new millennium and I was all grown up, and suddenly I had the power to make my own animated movies where I could just magically turn boys into girls with a few clicks of my mouse. O, brave new world!

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